Kellynch Hall

Welcome to Kellynch Hall

I'm so glad you stopped by! Kellynch is the ancestral home of the Elliot family in Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. Let me show you around.

This is the GRAND ENTRANCE, the home page. You can always return to this first page by clicking on the picture of Kellynch Hall or by clicking on the book marked Kellynch at the top of the page.

The LIBRARY is filled with summaries of the wonderful works of Jane Austen and special edition e-texts so you can read the books on-line, download them as Word documents, or search them as clear text. We also have a small collection of C.E. Brock illustrations.

In the BALLROOM you will find music and dances of the Regency time period and those used in the various movie adaptations. Care to match dancing skill against Mr. Collins?

The PARLOR is the place for reviews and information about the movie adaptations of the books. Every movie will be covered, with my detailed review and notable highlights from other reviewers.

In the DINING ROOM you can read about the main characters and their roles in her novels. Images and comments on each character, both from Miss Austen and Miss Ladybug attend each.

ELIZABETH'S ROOM On his page you can read about the dress and hairstyles of the Regency period and how it was duplicated for the movies as well as links to make or buy your own regency wear..

ANNE'S ROOM is the place for news, links, and info about me and the site.

SIR WALTER Elliot, the present Baronet of Kellynch Hall, is very particular about his dress and personal appearance. All of the characters in Persuasion have something to remark about him. Let's eavesdrop on what they are saying.

The GARDENS are the perfect place to learn about England in Jane Austen's time, the counties and houses mentioned in her books as well as those used in the filming of the movie adaptations.

The JANE AUSTEN section tells all about the life, family, and times of that wonderful authoress. Not only her bio, but short biographical sketches of her siblings are to be found here. Plus, a peek into what others have said about her over the years, both the good and the not-so flattering!

If you get lost or wish to see where you are going the MAP of Kellynch is the perfect place to turn. When you have visited a page the link color should change. Which pages have you missed?

So have fun looking around, learning more about Kellynch, and please come back often!

-Sincerely, your hostess